I See A Red Door and I Want To Paint It Black

This morning we met the painters and walked them through the new color scheme of the house. This evening we stopped by for a peek to see how far they had gotten and to see if we could get an idea of what everything looked like.

Boy were we impressed. They were almost finished, everything brushed and rolled with two coats and all the baseboards done. They think they will be done by noon tomorrow. As for the colors, they are even more beautiful than I thought they would be. I'm so happy with them!

Tomorrow we meet the tile guy who will start refinishing, cleaning and sealing the travertine once the painters are finished. This is so much fun. It's almost like watching one of those home shows on HGTV.

I'll try and get some pictures up this weekend. The movers are scheduled for a week from this Friday so if everything goes according to plan we should be in the house next weekend.
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