Moved, Sort of

Hi, everybody. We're finally in the new house, but there is still a lot of work to do between cleaning the rental and putting this one together. I feel like I've been moving for a month. I am trying to take deep breaths and pace myself. It's easy to get stressed when you try and get everything done at once. Our refrigerator arrives today so having a complete kitchen will be nice and make it finally feel like a real home.

Willie was a little nervous in the new house last night but he's settled down this morning. He tells us he thinks he's going to like his new doggie door just fine!

I'll post more pictures when I can. Right now everything is pretty much still a mess. Most everything is still in boxes in the garage.
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  1. Vicky Says:

    Glad you're sort of in. I think you've earned a break - come to Vegas next weekend! LOL!

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