Cousin, This Post’s For You

My cousin and me  
I’m an earth person, but my cousin loves the sky. She takes pictures of clouds, the sun, the moon, sunrises and sunsets. This probably reveals the differences in our personalities more than anything. She helps me fly; I hold onto the tether to keep her from floating away.

Clouds I really felt badly that while she was visiting we didn’t get to do one of the things she likes to do most – take pictures of the sunset. This afternoon I walked outside and looked up (she’s taught me to do this and on occasion I remember) and saw some amazing clouds floating past. I thought to myself that those would be the kind of clouds that made for a beautiful sunset and checked the time the sun was scheduled to dip below the horizon. I was going to go out and take pictures of it for my cousin.

About an hour before sunset, I asked Bill if he’d like to take a ride and help me find a good place to photograph the sunset. I knew I was pushing my luck. It was Sunday, and it’s football season; but he surprised me and said he’d go along. We ended up at Estrella Mountain Golf Course in the clubhouse parking lot. I took as many shots as I could until they came out and said they were leaving and had to lock the gate. The sky was really getting colorful by then. I got a few shots of it, but I didn’t get to finish.

On the way home we drove by the Goodyear Airport. The MetLife blimp was anchored there, and Bill pulled off to the side of the road to let me get a picture of it. I’ve always loved Snoopy since I was a child. I took the opportunity while there to play around with slow shutter speeds and the headlights of oncoming cars. I was kind of rushed so I didn’t get to experiment much, but it was fun.


So, Cousin, these photos of the sunset are for you. I did my best. I promise that we’ll find one for you to photograph the next time you come visit!

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3 Responses
  1. Kathy Says:

    Thank you so much for these photos!! What pretty shots! This post made me feel like I might get through this day! We'll have to coax out a pretty sunset when I get back. I love you, too. xxoo

  2. Nancy Says:

    I feel like I'm imposing on a private moment...but job well done Tracy. You're both very special people and so lucky to have each other.

  3. Cathi Says:

    Aw....what a sweet cousin you are Tracy...!! Beautiful photos...! XXOO

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