You Decide

Which kind of city would you like to see featured in a photoblog during the month of December? Do you want to see, for instance, a cold weather city like New York decked out in all its Christmas splendor or maybe someplace warm to remind you that Winter is just a season and the cold weather will eventually make way for Spring? Maybe you would like to see how a city in another country celebrates Christmas?

Image via Flickr
3 Responses
  1. Nancy Says:

    Cold weather...we don't get it here so we have to live vicariously...but not a big city...a small town.
    This is of course assuming my opinion counts for anything :)

  2. Cathi Says:

    cold weather and a city in another country might be nice that asking too much? :) Happy Sunday! xxoo

  3. Kathy Says:

    Whatever you decide to use, I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it. I sort of am partial to these cold cities out here in the East. How about a cold one one week and then a warm one the next? I've always sort of dreamed of being able to walk around on Christmas Day in shorts.

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