Cards Win!

Yesterday Bill went to the Cardinals' playoff game. It's been a long time since we watched the old "Cardiac Cards" sitting in my brother's house in Mahomet or my sister's house in Decatur so the win was especially sweet for us!

The Cards are to football kind of like what the Cubs are to baseball:
  • The Cardinals are one of only six NFL teams to never make a Super Bowl appearance
  • The Cardinals are one of only two NFL teams to have never played in a conference championship game
  • Their last playoff appearance before yesterday was in 1998 in which they beat the Dallas Cowboys
  • Their last home playoff game was in 1947 when they were the Chicago Cardinals and played in the old Comiskey Park
  • Their record is 2-5 all-time in post season play despite being the oldest professional American football team
Even so, the game was very nearly not a sell out which would have required the television broadcast to be blacked out locally.
2 Responses
  1. Angie Says:

    I thought they made the playoff in when they were the Chicago Cardinals and I thought they won the superbowl then. I can't remember the year but sometime between the 1900 and 1950s. Actually I just found the webpage link get the real history of our team before it was in St Louis. Only reason I know is the sportscasters have been mentioning it. Here is the web page.

  2. Tracy Says:

    They did win a championship in the old AFL, but that was before the Super Bowl was ever played.

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