I totally enjoy being "Lost"!

"Lost" is my favorite show on TV and has been for awhile. I still think that the two hour pilot was one of the best shows EVER.

I have always enjoyed shows about time travel. This year, it appears that what most of us suspected during the first four seasons - that the story of "Lost" is somehow connected to time travel - is finally set to play a big role.

First, if you only read one "Lost" recap I highly recommend Erika Olson's blog Long Live Locke. Her weekly write-ups are entertaining as well as thorough and informative.

Here are some observations from the last episode, S5Ep3 - "Jughead".

*Note: Spoilers present! If you haven't yet watched this episode you may not want to stop reading now!

  • Desmond and Penny named their baby "Charlie" - after Charlie Pace or after Charles Widmore?
  • Charles Widmore was once on the island as an Other.
  • Daniel's Mom is Mrs Hawking. Mrs. Hawking's first name is Eloise. That was also the name of Daniel's lab rat. The blonde with the gun on the island's name is "Ellie". Hmmm....
  • Charles Widmore was funding Daniel Faraday's research.
  • The librarian at Oxnard who told Desmond there was no record of a Faraday ever at the college was the same lady (Jenna) who helped Hurley get on Flight 815 after the jetway closed.
  • Richard showed up for Locke's birth because Locke sent him there.
  • The Others speak Latin. Is this an indication of how long they have been around?
  • Last week, Sawyer stepped on something sharp in the jungle. Is this connected to the Four Toed Statue somehow?
  • Jughead was an H bomb not an atom bomb. No H-bomb has ever been detonated against an enemy, but the US has tested them. A series of thermonuclear weapon tests that took place on the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific in the 1950s was called "Operation Castle." The first attempt at a dry-fuel thermonuclear hydrogen bomb device, an operation called "Castle Bravo," was successfully detonated on March 1, 1954 at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Because of Castle Bravo's early success, a second type of nuclear weapon, a cryogenic hydrogen bomb, was not tested. That group included a cryogenic h-bomb nicknamed, that's right, "Jughead."
  • Is Jughead what's behind the concrete of The Swan hatch?
  • There is a Geiger counter behind Richard while he and Locke talk in his tent. Is it the same one that was in the hatch with Desmond and the same one that showed up in Locke's apartment in Season 1?
Also, while reading some of the recaps I learned something I didn't know. The producers have said that there is something in the pilot that you probably missed which will turn out to play a very important part. Maybe this is it, though I'm not sure what it means:

The captain of flight 815 wears WWII pilot's wings. So do the flight attendants. These wings were issued to airmen only during the WWII era, and were changed just afterward.



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