House Update

Is no news good news? We hope so! Yesterday we were told not to expect to hear anything new from the bank until sometime next week. Then again, we could get a call today and closing could go as scheduled on Monday. They have canceled the old contract and submitted the new one. Who knew that $5500 would be such a big deal?

Whenever anyone tells you that now is a great time to buy a house just remember that they are only speaking in terms of price. There are all sorts of challenges to buyers in the housing market today. I'm convinced that is part of why housing sales are so bad. Naturally, the biggest reason is that people are out of work and spending their money on wasteful things like food. But when you are approved, in escrow and 12 days from closing and the bank needs another two weeks to decide if $5500 is a make or break number on a house that is headed for foreclosure it's enough to make you want to pull your hair out and just an example of why so many people get frustrated and just quit.

By the way, we also found out that the travertine tile is going to take some special treatment to get it back to its original luster. That's another $3,000 we hadn't budgeted. So, yes, if the bank decides they don't want to sell this house at market value then they can kiss my a** and find some other sucker. I hear there is one born every minute.
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  1. Cathi Says:

    I am sending "closing of escrow" vibes your way! Continue packing, maybe that will jump start this again! XXOO

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