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Couple loves cloned best friend

For a $155,000 I wouldn't expect to see these idiots on the Tubes talking about what a worthless waste of money they just spent. But then again, they created NASCAR. I'm just sayin'....

Look, it's a freaking dog. I understand that losing a pet is like losing a member of the family and can be very difficult. I've lost two of them so far. Half of the wonderful experience of being a pet owner is bringing home new pets and learning to love them and all their wildly different ways as they help you deal with the pain of losing your best friend. I loved Rocky for different reasons than I loved Biff, and they both represented and help delineate different periods of my life. Willie has been a totally different and wonderful experience for us, and we love him every bit as much as the other two.

And aren't there plenty of wonderful animals out there that will be put to death while chipsters like these create pets that never should have existed? I can't believe that there is not an equally wonderful yet different Lancelot that could make these people happy. How socially challenged must you be that you can't even make friends with a new dog? I don't know about you, but I want my new puppy to be...well, new.

Does anyone else find it strange that South Korea is cloning these animals? I don't know about you, but I hide my dog in the closet when the guy comes to deliver the Chinese food.

Oh. My. God. How long before we start cloning the children we have lost? Life begins and life ends. Deal with it.
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