The other night I sat out for almost an hour and watched the hummingbirds. The bully spent the better part of the hour chasing away all the other hummingbirds from the feeders. I condensed it all into the short video below.

In the first part you’ll see him come up to the feeder and eat. Next he perched himself in the lemon tree about 5 feet away. You’ll hear him chirp as he warns one of the other birds when it gets too close to the feeder. Keep watching and you'll see him trying to catch something, visible only to him, flying through the air. I took 30 straight minutes of video of him sitting in that tree guarding his territory. I bet you never knew hummingbirds would sit still for so long. After that he roosted on the chain to the planter where you’ll see him get upset and chase another bird away.

You’ll also have to listen to the air conditioner, unfortunately, and the newly self-crowned hummingbird expert sharing her vast knowledge with Bill. :-)

Notice how the bird’s color changes depending on the angle of his head. I really could sit and watch these things for hours.

UPDATE: I've noticed that he's started spending most of the day in the lemon tree. Maybe because it's shady. When I go out he flies over to the palm tree and barks at me from there.

4 Responses
  1. Angie Says:

    that was like watching paint dry.

  2. Tracy Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! Your blog has been a regular party lately. :-)

  3. Nancy Says:

    Hey next time we get together will you show me how to put pictures and videos on my blog?? I need advice to get more comfortable with it. Thanks kiddo!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome footage. I too could watch them for hours. They are very territorial birds but their beauty makes up for their attitude! LMP

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