Day One

4:30 PM Phoenix, AZ 106 Degrees, Mileage 14478

6:45 PM Flagstaff, AZ 77 Degrees, Mileage 14630

7:58 PM Holbrook, AZ 81 Degrees, Mileage 14722

Pretty uneventful trip so far. Didn't make it to Winslow with enough daylight for pictures so we'll have to hit it on the way back. Dinner at Denny's. On the road again at 5 AM. Destination Oklahoma City.

2 Responses
  1. Nancy Says:

    Don't you just love that drive from Flag to Holbrook? Keep blogging...looks like fun.

  2. Teresa Eubanks Says:

    Every minute brings you closer to us! Waiting patiently!

    Love you both!

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