Willie Takes A Swim

Since we moved into the new house last March, we've been a little worried about what would happen if Willie fell into the pool. We'd had a pool before, but since then Willie has grown older (he's almost 16 now) and his eyesight and hearing have become very poor. We took him swimming with us a couple of times this summer, but we kept it at a minimum because the old dog just can't paddle like he used to (I'm sure most of you understand).

Today I went to Lowe's and Sprouts to pick up a few things, and when Willie met me at the door, lo and behold, it was pretty obvious that he had taken a dip. And wouldn't you know that I just cleaned my floors YESTERDAY. That's okay though. I'm just happy to know that he was able to find his way out.

PS He says the water is still nice if any of you want to join him.
2 Responses
  1. Nancy Says:

    Well, I'm glad the water was nice and I hope he enjoyed his swim. Did you find any pieces of a girl doggie's bathing suit laying around the pool decking???

  2. Sharon Rose Says:

    Go Willie! Glad to hear he's still frisky enough to take a dip.

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