The Lost Year

Well, it’s been about a year since I lost my job – or at least since I realized that my job was not going to last much longer. I never dreamed then that a year would pass without me being able to find work. It used to be that jobs just fell in my lap even when I was hoping for a little time off in between them. My job was always a large part of who I was. Coming home at the end of the day knowing I had accomplished something and done it well always gave me a great sense of satisfaction and made me feel like I had a set of skills that were valued. It’s been kind of a tough year in that respect, and I have to admit that I’m still struggling to replace that sense of accomplishment and self-worth and figure out where I go from here.

2 Responses
  1. Nancy Says:

    I would imagine your situation is kinda like the grieving process. But you should see you the way I see you. This has been a year not lost, but one of discovery. We, as people, are so much more than our accomplishments. Those things are good and help society move along, but it's the individual lives we touch and have a positive affect on that stay long after we're gone. You're a positive in so many lives...try to see that and know it in your heart.

  2. cathi Says:

    I definitely second what Nancy said. In my life, I have always viewed a job as just that, a job - a way to pay the bills, nothing more. My life has always come before my job, which is why I have never had a career. I used to always tell my employers that my kids were my career. Is it any wonder that I have had over 40 jobs in my lifetime...haha...You are definitely a positive in my life as well, and you have so many talents that I envy. That job will come and when it does, just remember - it doesn't define the person you are, it just helps to pay the bills. How you live your life defines you and that is the you, that I love very dearly! XXOO

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