With A Little Luck

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I used to work with a couple of really great guys named Terry and Dave. I worked in the office of a manufacturing company. They were the owners of the manufacturing company. Notice I said I worked with them not for them because that's how they made you feel. They were never arrogant, always a lot of fun and never treated anyone from the lowest on the totem pole on up as if they were any different. I learned a lot from them about working with people and making what you do be what you loved . Terry and Dave started out as production and shipping managers and worked their way up until they owned the company one day. In the corner of their office sat a golf club. It was left there by the previous owner so Terry and Dave kept it there for good luck as they prospered and the company continued to grow and achieve success under their leadership.

Last summer when I went home to visit family, I was given a penny. I put it in my shoe for luck. Once I returned home, I told Rena, who had given me the penny, that life was so good I was going to keep it in my shoe. It's still in there.

You're probably wondering what my point is by now and I think this is it: Eventually, the manufacturing company went out of business. Lack of sales and increased competition forced them to close their doors. Friday, I got a job after a year of being unemployed and then lost it in a matter of minutes. I read a quote the other day that went like this: "The future is not what is coming at us, but what we are headed for."

Luck will come and luck will go. It may be bad or it may be good. There are thousands of stories about people who have squandered good fortune and equally as many stories about people who have been able to rise above misfortune. It's not that good or bad luck comes your way (because it always will), but what you do with it.
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  1. Lisa Says:

    Way to stay positive Tracy. A job doesn't define who you are, a job is just a means for making a living. At least our husband's are still employed so the bills get paid!!! Our dream jobs will come along one day :)

  2. Nancy Says:

    You're so right...what will be, will be. And as long as I've made all the effort I should, when something bad happens, I choose to believe I'm better off without whatever it was...a job, a house, a car, a man. Because I can either beat myself up over something I have no control over or I can move on and try to find something positive in the situation. I would prefer to do the second thing. You've got a great attitude!!

  3. Cathi Says:

    Awesome attitude, Tracy...and I totally agree with Lisa, that a job doesn't define you. As you know, good or bad - I have always lived my life that way. I just know the perfect job will come your way that is worthy of you...until then enjoy each moment, baby! XXOO

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