Not Your (Everyday) Stepping Stone

The house across the street from me is empty. Last March, two weeks after we moved into our house, the owner left and no one has been by it unless they are leaving flyers or business cards on the door. It’s a nice house on a big corner lot with a pool and built in barbecue in the back. The other day I went over there to clean up the trash that had accumulated in the front yard and found these stepping stones. Aren’t they adorable?


Unfortunately, someone had smashed one of each of the pair so naturally I rescued the remaining two and brought them home. I’m not sure who made up rules like “your shoes have to match” or “people with two left feet can’t dance”, but I would like to find matching pieces. I’ve looked online and found something similar but nothing like these.

But then I thought...I don't really have any place to put 4 of these anyway, so I put them in the most logical place I could think of where I had room for exactly two...the flower bed!

3 Responses
  1. Nancy Says:

    You're up pretty early, Girl. They're really cute. Oh and by the way, what a good neighbor you are!!

  2. Cathi Says:

    you found the perfect spot, for sure...they look great there..!

    I second what Nancy said - you definitely are a great neighbor!

  3. Lisa Says:

    They are too cute. Maybe they were made from those kits you can buy at like Home Depot or maybe even Michael's. Could you come by and clean up my neighbor's yard?!?!!! oh, but it's not vacant (he's just lazy) and I doubt you would find any good treasures :)

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